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Companies that implemented custom emails into their portfolio, started seeing an increased engagement rate across their campaigns. As such you shouldn't be limited by the elements available inside Zendesk. Make your email template stand out and have it branded in line with the look and feel of your company.

Bring Your Emails to the Next Level!

Don’t overlook the importance of having custom email templates! Email branding helps your customers to recognise your brand, reinforcing their trust.

  • Kickoff call for all parties so we can understand your requirements.
  • You provide assets, any existing templates, screenshots etc.
  • We create a first draft.
  • Next, we set up an Approval round to get your feedback.
  • Your feedback gets processed.
  • As a final step, you will receive the code (as an option, we can install it on your behalf).


Would you love to have your personalised email template?

Check out our service!

Wait! Do You Want to Do It Yourself?

Customise the layout of your Zendesk emails with ease, using the Email Template Builder app. No coding skills are required! (Note that the app can not be used when you have a multibrand set-up in Zendesk)


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